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Some troubles with testing

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  • Some troubles with testing

    I've managed to validate our submission and am trying to do a trial run. When I get to the `./run_trial ...` part I get some errors. I can see some possible problems in our image, but I am also getting

    Unable to find image 'vrx-server-noetic:latest' locally
    docker: Error response from daemon: pull access denied.....
    See 'docker run --help'
    Starting competitor container

    Should I expect this at the end of starting the scoring server? I've done a docker login to make sure it is not that and it happily pulls my image without needing credentials.

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    I've been digging. I see that image should be available locally after the ./vrx_server/build_image.bash step. I ran that step and it seemed to work, but lets try it again and I'll report back


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      Can report that the `build_image.bash` step was hanging while trying to clone the vrx repository. I cloned locally and adjusted the Dockerfile to copy that in and that got things moving.


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        But I didn't make it that much further I am afraid.

        Scanning dependencies of target dock_base_erb_generation

        [ 43%] Generating /home/vrx/vrx_ws/src/vrx_gazebo/models/dock_2016_base/model.sdf

        /bin/sh: 1: cannot create /home/vrx/vrx_ws/src/vrx_gazebo/models/dock_2016_base/model.sdf: Permission denied

        make[2]: *** [vrx_gazebo/CMakeFiles/dock_base_erb_generation.dir/build.make:67: /home/vrx/vrx_ws/src/vrx_gazebo/models/dock_2016_base/model.sdf] Error 2


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          Sorry for the spam. I've managed to get the image built and run. Took a few reboots and to find the light of the new moon or some such thing

          Last error was due to using COPY instead of RUN git clone - once I got the clone to go, everything else happened


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            Hi alt.mattr, the VRX technical team is monitoring any issues like yours in github. Please create a new issue so that the VRX technical team can look into it: Best of luck!