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source vrx on competitor image

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  • source vrx on competitor image

    We run rosbridge server on our submission image so we can subscribe to topics from interesting languages like javascript. While testing we are getting

    subscribe: Unable to load the manifest for package vrx_gazebo. Caused by: vrx_gazebo

    Responses from our rosbridge server. I would guess this is because only $ROS_DISTRO/setup.bash is sourced on the competitor image.

    I think rosbridge needs to know about all the message types and topics, etc it might see before it can work but the specific vrx setup.bash file is not on that image as far as I can find.

    Any tips?

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    I've switched to an image based on the vrx image instead of the ros-noetic image. The trail runs are not able to extract the logs from that image. The last two lines of the trail run's output are

    Copying ROS log files from competitor container...
    Error: No such containerath: vrx-competitor-system:/root/.ros/log

    Is that likely to cause any troubles?


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      Hi alt.mattr, the VRX technical team is monitoring any issues like the one you listed above in github. As stated in the other thread, please create a new issue so that the VRX technical team can look into it: Thank you!