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Technical Package Date Extension

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  • Technical Package Date Extension

    Would it be possible to extend the due date on the technical package? The due date is currently set to the same day as our ship date. As of late we have been spending as much time as possible out testing and we haven't had much time to work on the deliverables for the technical package.

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    We have the same problem. The date of the technical package submission is our USV date of shipment. We are busy packing USV. Would it be possible to extend the submission date of the technical package?
    --Harbin Engineering University


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      Team ODU is on the same page. We are scheduled to ship out the same date as the due date for the submission. This makes things more challenging as we wrap up any debugging and get everything packed up and ready to go. We could really use an extension of any kind to ensure that we take care of all of this properly and get the technical deliverables completed in time.


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        Hello teams,

        Thank you for making RoboNation aware of this issue.

        Taking your request into consideration, we have decided to extend this deadline. The new deadline will be November 26th, 2018 (UTC 1200).

        As we have extended this deadline, submission delays (past this new deadline) will receive penalties for each day.

        Hope this is helpful. Kindly let me know if you have any questions. Thank you