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    Everything but technical! If you have questions on how to register, deliverable submissions, shipping plans or just on life, ask them here!

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    We have signed up, but we did not receive the confirmation mail.My team's name is HEU Heading


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      Editing a comment
      Hi HEU Heading! Glad to have you join the 2018 RobotX Challenge! Your registration did successfully go through, where you should have received a confirmation email. We will be sending out more instructions on your deliverable submissions and important dates, soon! All information will be sent to your Team Lead that you registered, Guangsheng Su.

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    OP......on life huh?

    Why did the WAM-V cross the ocean?


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      To get to the other side?


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        I'm trying to register for my team (Kanaloa) for the competition through the RobotX official website, but I'm receiving this error. Please advise.



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          Hi alliwong1318, sorry about the troubles registering! I see that your team has now registered for the 2018 Challenge, glad you have you guys back this year! Can you provide me with the link that was leading you to this error page? I want to make sure it is fixed for future teams who are trying to register!



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            I'm Daniel, the leader of Team_NCTU.
            We're currently planning to ship our WAM-V from Taiwan to Hawaii and the way back. We would like to know the shipping company's information that shipped our WAM-V to Taiwan.


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              Hi Daniel. Julianna Smith should be able to help you connect with our team in order to coordinate shipping your system to Hawaii and back.


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                I'm Suisei, (Team Osaka in Japan).
                Now, we are planning a system of remote kill switch.
                Can we use 3G/LTE for remote kill switch?

                For Japanese team, the power of RF is regulated so strictly because of some rule in Japan.
                In the U.S., our devices are too weak to use, so we have to import stronger RF device from the other country.
                However, they are inhibited to use in our country, so we cannot test it just before the competition.
                So our members are discussing about using mobile phone's radio(3G/LTE).



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                  Hello Suisei Wada. I did some research and found information that might be of use to your specific situation. I will send you a private message and share this with you.

                  Thank you


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                    Hi RoboNation team! ERAU had a couple of non-technical questions we wanted to throw your way.

                    Is there any form of an on-site schedule coming our way soon?
                    Additionally, any word on a hotel block?

                    Thanks in advance! I'll post anything else we come up with here.


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                      GCDelp & ERAU team --

                      SCHEDULE: Coming soon!

                      HOTEL: The hotel link is up! You can find all the details here: