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TD Network / Communications Protocol test script

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  • TD Network / Communications Protocol test script

    Sorry for my tardiness, but here is a python script to test your hearbeat code against to validate structure and data. Run it on any machine with python installed and watch the terminal window for feedback.

    The script can be found on github here:

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    Thanks for the test script Bill. Do you plan to add checks for the entrance/exit gate, identify symbols an dock, and detect and deliver messages?


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      Thanks for the script, but the message structure isn't entirely clear. Can you post a couple of test messages to show how they are intended to look like?

      Edit: I found the sequence:
      $RX<3-char message ID>,<comma delimited tesk data>*<1-byte XOR checksum in hex>\r\n

      But there is a bug in the test script. The calcchecksum() is calculated on the raw nmea_str instead of the'nmea_str') which makes calculating a checksum in the first place impossible. Using the'nmea_str') makes the message parsing fine and as expected.

      Are there going to be more details on what each field represents? i.e. the Heartbeat section saying "Vehicle at: " with 4 fields available and not named.

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