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2018 RobotX Challenge Rules & Tasks

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  • 2018 RobotX Challenge Rules & Tasks

    UPDATED MAY 18, 2018 - V1.1

    Please see attached for the latest version of the Rules and Tasks document for the 2018 Maritime RobotX Challenge.

    --See below for previous versions of the rules
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    You asked and we delivered! Check out the Preliminary Rules & Tasks for the 2018 RobotX Challenge HERE!
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      I look forward to receiving feedback from all interested teams!

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    Hi there!

    Old question we had from the other forum: quick question, if we have passed the demonstrate AUV launch and recovery test, would we be allowed to have tethered practice with the AUV direct to shore provided our tether is long enough? This would allow for more real-time feedback and tuning of the tasks without battling the datalink.


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      Hello bumblebee. We do not intend to allow shore-based, tethered operation of the AUV. All AUV operations must be conducted from the surface platform as described in the published rules.

      The nature of the underwater challenge means that it can not be placed near to the shore. This, combined with local environmental conditions and other (manned and unmanned) craft in the area presents a safety concern. The RoboNation team is exploring options to enable AUV testing.


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        During our call with leadership way back when we were told there'd be details about the ring challenge in March. Are those details coming out soon?


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          Aamir Qaiyumi How about a isolated gazetted area with a mock up of the rings challenge that we can test in there first?

          And yes more confirmation on the design of the rings challenge!


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            Please see attached for supporting documents for the 2018 Maritime RobotX Challenge.

            These supporting documents include:
            • Battery Safety Requirements
            • Beacon Specifications
            • Communications Protocol
            • Kill Switch Specifications
            • Visual Feedback Specifications

            TEAMS NOTE: Some documents are Preliminary Drafts. Contact Aamir Qaiyumi, Maritime RobotX Challenge Technical Director, at with questions, or post your questions here on the RobotX Community Forum.
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              Thank you for the rules update and the supplementary documents. What is the status of the underwater ring task detailed description and specification? Team NaviGator, along with all the other teams I'm sure, is eager for them. Last I heard the information was coming out in March. When is the information going to come out?


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                mgriessler we have been testing and redesigning the ring task to minimize issues during competition. We will publish task specific information soon (within the next week or so).

                Thank you all for your patience and understanding.


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                  bumblebee I understand your request and this is something we have discussed previously. We are trying to evaluate logistics, and implementation of such an isolated area, while ensuring we do not impede general public access to the waterway.


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                    Thankyou for the updated rules and requirements! There are some things that we would like to clarify, most urgently from the Kill Switch Document. First of all, we are a little confused about the separate power source. Our safety system runs directly off the main battery, meaning as long as anything on the boat has power, our safety system does as well. Since there is no need for a safety system if the rest of the whole boat has no power, is this sufficient?

                    Second, We are unsure about the wireless separation requirement. We have two separate datalinks on our boat. One runs the network and all the communications for autonomy and such. The second is a safety datalink which is nothing but the Estop signal and basic RC controls. This E-stop signal is split from the control signals before the control system and that one signal is connected in hardware (See IARC-suggested E-Stop circuit) to our E-stop system and directly controls the relay current, it does go over the same wireless link as our redundant safety controls, but not through any sort of micro-controller like the rest of the signal does. Is this considered separate?

                    Jefferson Romney
                    Team Lead
                    Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University


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                      We second embry riddle for the kill system design. We also decided to share a single power and evaluated the safety considerations with risk assessment for this as it is problematic to have to manage two different battery sources on board the system separately. In the event of a power failure event, the thrusters are killed. If power for some reason is cut off to the kill board, the default state of the contactors will deactivate the thrusters. If power or logic fails to the main system except the kill board, the kill board still has full isolated control over the dedicated wireless datalink(the radio is integrated as part of the kill board) to the wireless remote box. So we already have multiple levels of redundancy in place.


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                        Hitesh Patel At the end of may you said underwater task information would be coming out in a week or so. Can you please provide an update on when the underwater task information will be coming out? Or better yet, release the information.


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                          mgriessler, during sea testing of the initial design, we identified issues with the original design and had to modify it. Aamir Qaiyumi will be posting the new design today.

                          Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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                            Hello Teams. I'm excited to be able to post a picture of our Underwater Ring Recovery prototype! We still need to make a few minor adjustments, but this version is nearly complete. I am working on an update to the Task Descriptions document with more details so that you'll be able to build your own for testing, so keep an eye out for that. In the mean time, please keep posting your questions and comments here.
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