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Detect and Deliver: Racquetball still? Or water cannon?

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  • Detect and Deliver: Racquetball still? Or water cannon?

    Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to start some activity on this forum, and had a question regarding the Detect and Deliver task.

    During one of our conference calls with the TD team, and also in Australia we had suggested that the racquetball firing portion be replaced with a water cannon. There's a few different reasons we might want to go this route:

    - nothing for kayakers to retrieve between volleys
    - eliminates a possible source of litter from the environment
    - more akin to a real-life application (firefighting)
    - less dangerous!

    This wouldn't change the fundamental task; it's about autonomous aiming from a moving vessel, which would be easily doable. It would also be a pretty easy thing to setup we feel.

    We're getting to the point where we're going to need to start developing our solution for this task, so a timely response for this would be helpful.

    Any thoughts from any of the other teams?

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    We second this! To all the pointers, especially to the practicality part. Might be a weight issue though(carry a water tank) and also whether it would be easy for judges to score.Might need to change from cut outs to target boards instead for the judges to register a hit.
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      Team NaviGator is not interested in changing the detect deliver challenge. For several reasons:

      It'll be hard to score. Water is hard to see. Even though there's nothing to be retrieved between volleys and runs the challenge might have to be dried or otherwise reset.

      It's way too easy from a points perspective. It seems like this can just be solved by spraying and praying, either with one water beam or multiple. There's a reason we only get four racquetballs.

      It's way too easy from a mechanical perspective. Given that we all have to use the same platform there isn't much room for mechanical development in designing a vehicle. The racquetball challenge is a mechanical development challenge that isn't bolt this to that. We feel an easy to set up solution to a RobotX challenge doesn't fit the spirit of the competition.

      Finally, we've already put a lot of work into our racquetball shooting mechanism and we're sure other teams have too


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        Does anyone know the dims of the Detect and Deliver floating platform? How tall is it going to be.


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          Uon RobotX does not wish for the payload delivery task to be changed for the same reasons stated by Team NaviGator above. Also to change the system this late in the game would effectively throw away a year's worth of development, not to mention the investment of time and money required to develop the new payload delivery system if the task was changed.


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            Originally posted by rvann View Post
            Does anyone know the dims of the Detect and Deliver floating platform? How tall is it going to be.
            The best I can do for you is to give you the dimensions from 2016. Based on what I've seen so far, I don't expect this size to change, but I'm sure we'll get more details in the next release of the Task Descriptions (which should be coming soon!)


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              Below is an image of what the docking setup for Detect and Deliver might look like for RobotX 2018. I will provide more details on this soon.

              Kindly let me know if you have any questions. Thank you.
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