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    Hi everyone~

    We are the team of HEU HEADING, We experimented our platform last week but unfortunately we found our thrust system which consists of two 60lbs propeller couldn't afford enough power to resist wave and wind disturbance. So we have to design new thrust system recently but due to the lack of competition experience in Hawaii, we are still hesitate for thruster selction and the main question is how much power each propeller afford at least could ensure well manuvering ablity in competion filed.

    Could anyone share your thruster model or how much power(lbs or kg) your thruster could afford.

    Your information will be really helpful, thank you~

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    Marine advanced research recommends 2 x torqeedo cruise with 5 HP each for their vessel and they tested with it to achieve a maximum hull speed of 10-12 knots(not anymore as this is the upper limit of this vessel). 2 x 60lbs will be devastated in hawaii as we experienced first hand ourselves

    So choose something in between!


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      Thank you~ bumblebee