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FINAL Rules, Tasks and Scoring posted NOW!
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Underwater Ring Recovery

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  • Underwater Ring Recovery

    Hello Teams,

    Below document will help clarify questions you may have regarding the Underwater Ring Recovery Task.

    Additionally, here are links to underwater videos, captured during testing.

    Kindly review them and let me know if you have any questions.

    Thank you

    Update: September 18th, 2018

    Video of ring removal (by hand) for visual reference.
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    During our call with leadership way back when we were told there'd be details about the ring challenge in March. Are those details coming out soon?


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      Thank you for the rules update and the supplementary documents. What is the status of the underwater ring task detailed description and specification? Team NaviGator, along with all the other teams I'm sure, is eager for them. Last I heard the information was coming out in March. When is the information going to come out?


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        mgriessler we have been testing and redesigning the ring task to minimize issues during competition. We will publish task specific information soon (within the next week or so).

        Thank you all for your patience and understanding.


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          Hitesh Patel At the end of may you said underwater task information would be coming out in a week or so. Can you please provide an update on when the underwater task information will be coming out? Or better yet, release the information.


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            mgriessler, during sea testing of the initial design, we identified issues with the design and had to modify it. Aamir Qaiyumi will be posting the new design today.

            Thank you for your patience and understanding.
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              Hello Teams. I'm excited to be able to post a picture of our Underwater Ring Recovery prototype! We still need to make a few minor adjustments, but this version is nearly complete. I am working on an update to the Task Descriptions document with more details so that you'll be able to build your own for testing, so keep an eye out for that. In the mean time, please keep posting your questions and comments here.
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                Thank you so much Aamir! I just shared that with the rest of ERAU and it looks like it's coming along well. Do you have any more details on what the retaining clip will be made of (that you don't mind sharing before the next version of the document)? Will the ring be held in against current, but come out as soon as we pull it without much resistance?



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                  Aamir Qaiyumi thank you for sharing the prototype picture. Of course, we have questions but we'll wait until the rules update, which we trust will come soon.


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                    GCDelp the retaining clip is an industrial zip tie that is bent (perpendicular to the slot, in the stowed position, as shown in the illustration). Pulling the ring out will cause the zip tie to become parallel to the slot and the ring will slide out easily. Though I cannot prescribe a number, the ring is easy to slide out with this setup. As we are scheduled to conduct in water tests, more details will be published soon.

                    mgriessler don't hold your questions back. Let us know what you are thinking. Your questions hold the potential to help us improve our tasks and enhance your on-site experience.


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                      The tasks look good Aamir Qaiyumi and Hitesh Patel !

                      Would you be conducting in-water visibility tests in hawaii to help us understand on the feasibility for underwater vision for the changing water visibility conditions at sand Island? Possibly share some video recordings at 0-5m distances of how it would look like.why we are asking is because the mechanism and ring features do seem small and may be a challenge in poor water visibility conditions.

                      To share an example we have done sea trials in Singapore for some of the Robosub tasks and we typically get only 0.5m(bad day) to 2m(good day) range in our heavily polluted waters.
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                        Aamir Qaiyumi I collected feedback from the team and we have the following questions
                        1. What are the dimensions? Depth of challenge, ring OD, ring ID, ring buoyancy, all pvc measurements
                        2. What material are the rings? Will the rings be designed such that they are in the orientation shown? Or can they rotate a full ~360 degrees?
                        3. What buoy will be on the surface, dimensions/color.
                        4. Can you please elaborate on the text "Dimensions are approximate and may differ at the time of the event." Which dimensions are being referred to?
                        5. How many points will this challenge be worth?


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                          Hi, I would like to know how/whether we should detach the ring from the whole setup and bring it up to the surface


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                            Hello robotx_nctu_Daniel,

                            I hope I understood your question correctly.

                            How you detach and bring it to the surface is dependent on your system's capability. To earn points, you have to physically show (to the judges) what your vehicle recovered.

                            If you review the document in the original post (above), you will see how the rings are being held in place (a small tug will dislodge them from their resting position). Additionally, look at the video as well, and it will give you a better visual of what it is likely to be like on-site.

                            Let me know if you have any questions.

                            Thank you


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                              Hitesh Patel I've been watching the main thread for an update and only just realized that you made a new thread. Thank you very much for the videos and the pdf.