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VRX Release 1.1

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  • VRX Release 1.1

    The note below was sent via email to all the registered VRX teams. Please let us know if we need to add your email address to the distribution list.


    VRX Teams,

    We are pleased to announce the release of Version 1.1 of the VRX Simulation software and competition documents!

    The VRX Simulation should have everything you need to start building your own autonomy solutions to the VRX tasks. This release includes improvements to the physics and visualization, customizable sensor and propulsion configuration and examples of each of the VRX tasks. Get started by following the VRX Tutorials Wiki to setup the software, start example environments and customize your configuration.

    The VRX competition documents provide the information you need to begin designing your solutions to the VRX tasks and creating your competition entry. The documents describe the competition schedule, challenge tasks, interface specifications and how VRX entries will be submitted and evaluate. These two documents (VRX Competition and Task Descriptions and VRX Technical Guide) are available on the VRX Documentation Wiki and the RoboNation VRX Forum.

    We are also announcing the VRX competition schedule which consists of the following three phases:
    • Sept. 23 (M): Phase 1: Hello World
    • Oct. 23 (W): Phase 2: Dress Rehearsal
    • Nov. 22 (F): Phase 3: VRX Challenge

    Detailed descriptions of each phase are available in the VRX Competition and Task Description document.

    As always, if you have questions, issues or contributions, please post them to the VRX Issue Tracker (technical issues) or the RoboNation VRX Forum (general discussions).


    The VRX Technical Team:

    Brian, Carlos, Marshall, Michael, Rumman and Tyler