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VRX Task 2 wayfinding

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  • VRX Task 2 wayfinding

    Hi all,

    For Task 2 we were wondering what waypoint distribution we should expect (number of waypoints, density, total minimum travel distance required compared to running state duration). In the example given in the simulator, there are only a couple waypoints and plenty of time to try and reach all of them. Is that going to be similar in the dress rehearsal? We just want to make sure we are not basing our strategy for this task on wrong assumptions.


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    Hi Coline,

    The number and distribution can vary from run to run so we recommend a flexible strategy. We haven't defined hard constraints on things like number, density and total minimum travel distance, but the example should give a rough sense of a relatively simple run, and you can expect that these won't vary so much as to totally change the character of the task. That said, in some runs the time constraint may pose more of a challenge than in the example given, although we will test to ensure that it is possible to complete the task in the time given.

    Hope that helps!