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vrx-docker hanging

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  • vrx-docker hanging

    Has anyone had any success getting any of the vrx-docker trials working, as per

    Trying to run wayfinding, the system just hangs indefinitely.

    Running rqt-graph produces the following graph:
    Click image for larger version

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    As you can see, there doesn't seem to be anything publishing to /vrx/task/info, or /vrx/wayfinding/waypoints.

    The wayfinding .xacro file seems to be missing a bunch of parameters compared to the one in vrx-gazebo.

    Can I have some assistance please?


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    Glad to hear you are working on the Docker functionality!

    We are looking at this issue and will have more information shortly.

    In the future, it is probably better to use the issue trackers (either in the vrx or vrx-docker repositories) for technical issues. This will help us track them and allow us to link it to the code, wikis, etc. The Forum is probably better for process/policy questions having to do with the VRX competition.

    Thank you.


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      We think that your problem might be that the YAML files used in the vrx-docker repository were out of date. We updated all YAML files in the following pull request.

      It's been already approved and merged. Could you pull, update your vrx-docker repository (default branch) and try it out again? Feel free to follow-up in the vrx-docker issue tracker, it's probably more convenient.


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        I'll give it a shot tomorrow. Thanks for the help!