We have some questions about scoring.
1. Stationkeeping
From the rules we understood that scores from each run would be summed and the team ranked in function of that summed score. However, for World3 where the pose is really far away the score will be much larger than for other worlds since traveling to the position takes some time. We think the variance of scores for that world will be much higher than for other worlds and is likely to erase all of the smaller differences, making it more of a race task.
Doing a rank ordering per run would solve that issue (similarly to what is done for task 4), or normalizing the score in some other way.
2. Wayfinding
We think summing errors for that task has the same issue as for stationkeeping, where a single underperformance can erase good performance in every other runs.
3. Perception
We just want to make sure that we've properly understood the scoring for this task. The score is made by first averaging the total position error, second by summing the total number of correctly identified buoys, then by doing a rank ordering of both scores and combining (summing?) the rank orders. Is that correct?

We would also like to hear what other teams think about the scoring.


The Georgia Tech team