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  • oh (blue) buoy

    In the VRX task description of the navigation channel, it is stated that the final buoy is a blue buoy - whereas the competition objects do not include a blue buoy and in the sim it is a white buoy. Is this a typo?

    Also the spec states that the min distance between consecutive gates is larger than the max distance between the buoys of each gate. This does not seem to be the case for individual buoys of each gate though... just a thought


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    I don't know about the distance but the final gate has a blue totem in every from dress rehearsal. The navigation_task.launch however does have a white buoy for its final gate. To run our tests we use :
    > (use 0, 1, or 2)

    > roslaunch vrx_gazebo vrx.launch verbose:=true \
    paused:=false \
    wamv_locked:=true \
    urdf:=${HOME}/path_to_your_urdf/yaml/wamv/my_wamv_X.urdf \

    There are more tests available on the worlds_refactor branch of the vrx repo (you'll just have to change the world path to reflect the new file structure)


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      The navigation_course model, which is used if you launch navigation_task.launch didn't have the right exit gate. It was white-red and it should be blue-red, as you detected. See for a fix.

      As Coline mentioned, the navigation worlds released under the 2019_practice and 2019_phase2 directories should have the right exit gate. As for the distance between gates, note that the spec mentions distance between the centroid of each gate. Could you clarify or give an example of a world file that is not following the spec, just to make sure. Thanks for checking!


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        Never mind about the centroid problem - the distances are fine - i was just musing.

        I guess my main point here is that there is no ID string for blue buoys in the docs (surmark something?) - so what should it be called?


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          As for the "ID string" for the blue buoys, in the practice worlds/models we using the "blue totem" model for the blue buoy. Below is the table from the task descriptions document with the names and images of the different objects. Does that help?

          Click image for larger version

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