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GPS/IMU frame and Friday Deadline.

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  • GPS/IMU frame and Friday Deadline.

    I reported an issue on bitbucket
    where GPS/IMU reports being measured from the pose listed in sensor_config.yaml but the measurements seem to actually be from base_link (this would make state estimation fail).

    Has any other teams encountered this issue? It would seem surprising that teams could get stable controls without having mitigated against this bug.

    Also, does the VRX technical team plan on working during this upcoming weekend (11/23-11/24)? If not, it seems reasonable to allow submissions up to Sunday. I know for many students including those on my team having the final weekend could make a real difference in the performance of our code.

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    We are working on this issue to sort out what the best solution might be. We'll keep the dialog on the issue tracker - so please add any content there so it is on a single place:

    Thank you.