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RESULTS! (Released Friday, December 6th, 2:00 pm [Singapore local time])

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  • RESULTS! (Released Friday, December 6th, 2:00 pm [Singapore local time])

    Hi VRX Teams,

    Congratulations on a job well done at the first-ever Virtual RobotX competition. RoboNation here, checking in to be sure you know when to expect the results of competition.

    As many of you know, we are all out in Singapore this week at the RobotX Interactive Forum. Tomorrow, Friday, December 6, at the closing session, we will be releasing results for a poster evaluation, the RobotX Interactive Hackathon AND (saved the best for last) the VRX competition results!

    To those who may not be attending the Interactive Forum, we will be publishing the results online (the forum and social media) on Friday, December 6th, around 2:00pm, Singapore local time. The official results will be published on the RobotX website within 24 hours of the results being released. If your team is not in person at the Interactive Forum, but receives a prize, we will follow up with your team lead discussing the prize details.

    We can't wait to see the hard work that you all put in over these past few months! Thank you for participating and we wish you the best of luck.

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    We will be hosting a Zoom video conference call during the final day of the RobotX Interactive Forum tomorrow, where you and your team can tune in for the results in real-time. Join us on the call and find out the results with the rest of the RobotX community!

    The call is scheduled for 1:30 pm, Singapore time (GMT+8) on Friday, December 6. You will be receiving the call-in details soon. Please let us know if you have any questions.


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      VRX Teams,

      Thank you to all the teams that were present at the RXI event in Singapore and all those that managed to tune in to the video conference to see the results in real-time. We've posted all of the details, including scoring by each task, how to download the log files, etc. This includes a link to the presentation we gave at RXI. Every thing is posted on the VRX Results Wiki.

      We certainly learned a lot about this competition and this community over the past few months. Overall we are thrilled with how things turned out. We had 11 teams make it through all three phases, which is fantastic for our inaugural event. Each of these 11 teams was able to get their autonomy working for VRX, which included packaging their code such that it could be executed remotely and in a controlled way (docker submission, etc.). This is something you should all be proud of.

      For the six tasks, everyone was able to get something working on at least a subset of the tasks, and no team was able to complete all the runs of each task, which is exactly what we hoped for when designing the challenge. We wanted something for each team to engage with, as well as a structure that challenged all of our teams.

      Thank you all again for all of your hard work. As we've said, we appreciate any observations, comments or critiques that the teams and their advisers can provide. We want to continue to improve the simulation and the challenge event.


      The VRX Technical Team: Brian, Carlos, and Michael