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Will there be a 2021 Virtual RobotX Competition?

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  • Will there be a 2021 Virtual RobotX Competition?

    Hi all,

    Just looking at the updates about tasks on the website aiming for the 2022 competition and I'm left wondering -- will there be a virtual competition this year?

    UoN didn't compete in the 2019 competition, so I'm unaware of if there were any large pitfalls associated. My team this year has been keen on establishing our presence in the Virtual Comp after the cancellation of last year's event and the development of new autonomous control algorithms for our boat.

    Any info on yes/no/maybe/sit-tight-we're-thinking-about-it would be appreciated! Cheers

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    alexf_uon Hi Alex. Valid question!

    As of right now, we do land more in the category of the "sit tight we're thinking about it." While we've been able to make lots of progress for the 2022 Maritime RobotX Challenge, in large part due to our partnerships, we haven't been able to confirm the details for this year's virtual component. Whether that is another VRX Competition or not.

    I do hope that we can get you more information soon, but at this time we don't have any updates for you.


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      Hi Alex,

      The VRX 2022 competition was announced today! Just want to point you to the new website:

      Michael McCarrin
      Naval Postgraduate School