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Cost if parts purchased independently?

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  • Cost if parts purchased independently?


    I was wondering what the cost per unit is when parts are purchased independently from outside suppliers. Could someone please let me know what unit costs they are experiencing. Thanks in advance. Peace

    James Burke
    Tyee MIddle School
    Bellevue, WA

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    inibara Hello James,
    Due to fluctuations in costs, we (RoboNation) do not keep per unit pricing for the bill of materials up to date. The bill of materials is provided as a convenience for people that don't mind spending the hours required to self-source the parts or need to purchase spare parts. While we don’t have this information to share, we would welcome someone in the community sharing their experiences.

    A few points regarding self-sourcing parts that also impact pricing to keep in mind:

    - Some vendors have minimum quantity or order minimums which would increase the per unit cost if you are only building one or a few SeaGlides.

    - Shipping costs for each of the vendors needs to be factored in.


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      Thanks for the reply. I teach Engineering/STEM and run a near-space satellite program at Tyee Middle School in Bellevue and we pretty much build everything from scratch, including our custom micro controller. We are looking at this activity as a way to further our design based curriculum with a possible partnership with the Army Corps of Engineers. As an educator l need to make this project come to life for as little expense as possible. I can do this process myself but was just trying to get a quick response for my presentation to the district admin. Peace. I look forward to trying this project out with my design class.


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        inibara That's very exciting. You could get a quick estimate from the bill of material and add a little for shipping. Please keep the community updated on your project. Good luck!