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Potentiometer Override using the IR Remote

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  • Potentiometer Override using the IR Remote

    One recent workshop attendee came up with a clever way to override the potentiometer using the IR remote!

    If you have flown a SeaGlide, you know that turning the potentiometer will change the "pauseTime", or the time the glider will coast either rising or diving. Changing this coast time therefore sets the depth to which a glider will dive until it turns around to come back to the surface. For the SeaGlide to be most efficient, small adjustments should be made to the coast time until the glider dives as deep as possible without hitting the bottom of the pool/pond/tank/bay/etc. This typically requires repeatedly diving, pulling the glider out of the water, turning the potentiometer to adjust the coast time, and diving again.

    This code gets around that by using the IR remote to adjust the coast time instead of the potentiometer, so keep your bottle closed and your electronics dry!
    Upload this code to your glider instead of SeaGlideV1_0 to give you the option to enter potentiometer "override" mode or to continue to use your glider with the potentiometer.
    Instructions for entering potentiometer override mode and using it to change the coast time are in the comment header of the code.

    No need to open your bottle by the pool to adjust the coast time
    Allows you to adjust the coast time in 1 second intervals to control your depth precisely
    You have the option to turn override mode on or off

    Your coast time will reset each time the glider turns on or you turn the override mode on/off
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