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Arduino stuck in startup loop or no remote code

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  • Arduino stuck in startup loop or no remote code

    Buoyancy engine keeps looping the startup function of the code. We have written over the code and redownloaded it from multiple computers with no success. It loops when playing the Ir or non-Ir code from the website too.

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    Just guessing, but you could have a bad battery connection, causing the system to restart with a wiggly connection.
    Can you elaborate on what you mean by keeps looping the startup function? does the plunger run toward the switch but never stops? does it jitter with the led changing colors? does anything move?


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      The plunger moves back and forth over and over again, it starts going towards the switch with the red led on. It then stops at the switch and changes led colors to green as it goes back the other way down the tube. Then, when it reaches the flange at the other end of the tube, the color changes to blue and it goes back the other way on red and repeats. The battery connection is good.