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Issues when Testing Seaglider

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  • Issues when Testing Seaglider

    Our glider was working perfectly before placing it in the pool to test. We made sure everything was placed correctly and closed before testing. After trying a run, our servo still makes noise and LED lights up and IR Remote works mostly, but the buoyancy engine is not spinning. It seems it is stuck at the opposite end of the syringe. Does anyone know what could be wrong and how we could fix it? Our only thought right now is that it might be an engine problem and we might have to take it apart. We're just confused because the servo was spinning and completing cycles before being tested in the pool. The light is still changing as if the BE is completing cycles.

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    ullseaglider1 It sounds like the servo horn is no longer being held in place on the servo shaft. Is the servo is spinning (or sounds like it is) and the servo horn is not spinning?