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Pressure sensor

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  • Pressure sensor

    Is there any depth controller as a pressure sensor with data logging application installed in the sea glide?

    If the pressure sensor is installed, can anyone let me what type of pressure sensor is installed in this glider?
    Best regards

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    Hi Barkoo - welcome to the SeaGlide forum!
    The SeaGlide kit does not come with a pressure sensor. However, we have added pressure sensors to them in different ways. We have used them for either control feedback or data logging (not typically for both simultaneously, but there's no reason you couldn't). For depth control, we run the pressure sensor straight to the SeaGlide PCB, where there is space for the capacitor and resistor necessary for noise reduction. For data logging, we have the sensor internals self-contained in a waterproof matchbox with its own microprocessor (see

    The pressure sensor we have been using is the NXP transducer MPXHZ6400AC6T1, which gets soldered onto the a SOIC-8 breakout. Instructions for assembling and wiring the sensor can also be found at

    Good luck!